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FUN FRIDAY: Multiplication fortune tellers

January 20, 2012

Remember fortune tellers from when you were young? Kris at I Heart Teaching is bringing them back into the classroom! She shows how to make “math catchers” with your students as a new way to practice multiplication. For students who are bored with drills, or have not found them effective, these paper, hand-held games will offer a nice alternative.  First show your students how to fold the paper, then instruct them to write math equations with the answers on the inside flaps. This can work for addition, multiplication, or even as a review for a history or science lesson. The best part? All practice is personalized. You can assign different facts to different learners depending on their level of need.

Let students decorate their catchers for an added incentive to share them with others and practice their math at the same time.

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  1. July 5, 2012 2:17 pm

    Great Idea! I’m sure my boys will be ecstatic that I found them a new way to study. HA HA They both have ADHD and need to to be intrigued. Thanks for sharing.

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