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What do you remember about the Monet?

April 4, 2011

I am always looking for ideas for the art, physical education, foreign language, and music teachers because we don’t see enough ideas for these folks and they are too often forgotten in the differentiated instruction literature. This lesson at Fun Art Adventures for Middle School Students is so simple yet so genius and could really work with many different subject areas. I love the active nature of it and the focus on art history (not a topic I have covered on this blog yet).

So many of our students learn and remember more when they are engaged in the lesson, when they can respond to it (and not just in a whole-class format), and when they have an opportunity to learn in more than one way (e.g., visually, interpersonally). And playing in teams helps the teacher engineer partnerships that will allow all learners to give and get support.

Keep in mind that this is a game you can play again and again throughout the year to expand and deepen their level of expertise. Imagine the power of playing this game throughout the year with different works, artists, and styles!

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